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Youth Rehabilitation: Careers

DYRS Hiring Events

Thursday, December 15, 2022

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Multipurpose Building #9
DSCYF Administration Campus
1825 Faulkland Road, Wilmington, DE

Youth Rehabilitation Counselor

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age;
  • Must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent;
  • Must possess a Driver's License

Work involves supervising youth in the daily academic, recreational and social activities of a youth rehabilitative facility with an emphasis on teaching basic living skills and maintaining structure, discipline, safety, and providing support and guidance on everyday problems of adjustment to daily living or group situations.

  • Oversees and assumes an active, participatory role in the daily activities of an assigned group of youth including recreation, education, work, meals, personal hygiene, and maintaining living quarters.
  • Observes youth's behavior and adjustment to programs and exchanges written and oral report on those observations with other staff.
  • Establishes and maintains interpersonal relationships with youth to encourage and assist with their social adjustment.
  • Interprets and teaches unit procedures, rules and disciplinary policies to youth.
  • Implements unit security procedures including performing regular room, door and grounds checks or community/home visits and frequent observations and monitoring of high-risk youth.
  • Assists in the handling of serious disturbances and monitoring incoming and outgoing visitors to the facility.
  • Escorts youth to activities and appointments inside or outside the institution and is responsible for their discipline and conduct while there, operates motor vehicle when necessary to transport youth to activities and appointments.
  • Prepares, maintains and contributes to a variety of records and reports to document information relating to youth including, but not limited to treatment plans, progress notes, population reports, and inventories.

Youth Rehabilitation Treatment Specialist

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral or Social Science or related field;
  • Must possess a Driver's License

Work involves providing counseling and case management services for delinquent youth in a secure residential treatment facility.

  • Conducts interviews to obtain and evaluate youth's personal, family, social, psychological, delinquent history and institutional adjustment and recommends appropriate rehabilitative programs.
  • Develops treatment plans, as part of inter-disciplinary team, by identifying problem areas based on information obtained from youth's record.
  • Obtains and coordinates services and resources needed to implement rehabilitation plans and objectives.
  • Conducts individual and group counseling sessions which address primary clinical, emotional and behavioral goals identified for youth.
  • Assesses youth progress towards rehabilitation and institutional adjustment, evaluates information and prepares reports describing program participation, institutional adjustment and summary recommendation for or against discharge to aftercare.
  • Implements unit security procedures.
  • Assesses environment of the institution and responds with appropriate measures to assure a positive normative culture, i.e., sensing mood of youth on the unit.