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Program Overview

Open to all identified military spouses working for state government agencies in NASPE member states.
The program activates when a military spouse/state employee receives notification of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).
The program is designed to deliver career services such as resume review/building, skills translation, informal contacts, etc. in support of military spouse re-employment.

Change can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

The State of Delaware's Military Spouse Transition Network is here to help.

Why the need?

Military spouses change duty stations, moving across the country approximately every three years. This has a major impact on their careers and their ability to provide financial support to their family.

The Result

Most working military spouses are forced to either take minimum-wage jobs that do not have long-term career options (e.g. retail, service, etc.) or start from the bottom in their chosen career field each time they move.

Making Moves

As a transitioning Military Spouse you will begin by connecting with your MSTN State Representative to conduct an official intake meeting to do a review of your resume, interviewing skills, and identify jobs that align with your experience and/or personal interest.

Upon completion of the initial intake meeting, the “Home” state MSTN Representative will initiate contact with the “Receiving” states MSTN Representative to share your name and contact information, as well as a copy of your current resume. They may also provide you with the “Receiving” states MSTN Website information where you can submit an Inquiry Form to establish contact on your own!

The “Receiving” state will schedule a meeting to review the details provided and begin translating your skills to align with the most appropriate classification system for consideration. A thorough review of the state’s resources will also be provided, ensuring you are fully prepared to embark on the employment journey in your new home state!


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