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Test Procedures

Test Day

Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the test. Bring your photo identification and a copy of your test scheduling notice. Once the exam session has started, applicants will not be allowed in the test room.

NOTE: In the event of adverse weather conditions or disasters on your scheduled test date/time, prior to your arrival, please check our “Current Advisory” notice for any office closings or delayed openings. Should you find the office is closed or there is a delayed opening during your scheduled test date/time, please continue to check the Current Advisory notice on our website. When our offices reopen, call 302-672-5241 to reschedule test.

Test Scores

Written test scores are valid for the life of the exam unless otherwise noted on the job posting.

The same test can be taken 120 days after the previous exam date. To retest, you must submit an application to an open job posting and meet the job requirements.

The most recent exam score is used.

Reschedule A Test

Tests are rescheduled only during the established testing period to be considered for that recruitment.

Test Room Policy

No personal electronic devices such as cell phones, calculators, or spell checkers are permitted.

If you have a personal electronic device such as a cell phone (including Blackberries), calculator or spell checker in your possession, tell the test proctor. The test proctor will provide an envelope for you to put your devices in. On the envelope, print your name. Seal the envelope and sign your initials across the seal. Hand the envelope to the test proctor. Once you finish the test, you can pick up your device(s) from the test proctor.

If you are found in possession of a personal electronic device, your test session will be terminated and you will be asked to leave at once. Your test will not be scored.

Exempt from Written Tests

Employees reclassified to a classification requiring a written test.

Applicants eligible for reinstatement applying for a position in the same class which they last held.

Employees applying for the same class as the job class they hold (transfer).

Employees applying for reassignment from one classification to another in the same pay grade or lower which uses the same test.