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Other Divisions and Facilities

Thurman Adams State Service Center In addition to working at one of the State Hospitals, Nurses working for the State of Delaware can also work for these divisions throughout the State:

  • Early Intervention Program (Assess, evaluate, coordinate and support the most vulnerable children from birth to three)

  • Developmental Disabilities Community Services (Monitor health and safety of those residing in neighborhood homes, apartment settings and foster care)

  • Medicaid and Medical Assistance (Assess, evaluate and case manage individuals and families in crisis situations)

  • Public Health Nursing (Case management, disease investigation, health teaching, counseling, community organizing and other activities carried out in clinics, home visits, community centers and more)

  • Health Facilities Licensing and Certification (charged with the enforcement of Federal Medicare regulations as well as Delaware State laws)

  • Long Term Care Residents Protection (Employ clinical investigative and interpersonal skills to promote the care, safety, and security of residents in long term care facilities)

  • Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (Assist the vulnerable elderly as well as adults with physical disabilities by offering guidance, comfort and assistance, assuring each clients needs are properly addressed)

  • Community Mental Health Centers (Improving the quality of life for adults diagnosed with a serious mental illness, fostering self-sufficiency in a minimally restricted community setting)

Smyrna State Service Center