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Delaware Psychiatric Center

The Delaware Psychiatric Center (DPC) offers innovative, progressive therapy and care designed to reach the most balanced professional care for the patient. DPC follows a decentralized nursing approach with a team structure behind each decision. The nursing department at DPC is an integral component of the treatment planning dynamic, where nurse input is encouraged and valued. Innovative nursing concepts have assured JCAHO-accredited standards. DPC nursing care is patterned after the OREM self care conceptual model. These concepts drive the practice from the original computerized nursing admission assessment, through daily charting by nursing assistants and active treatment facilitators.

Advanced technology supports the traditional nursing commitment extending to each professional a unique and gratifying experience. If you want to make a difference, DPC is the right place for you.

For more information:

Contact: Jacqueline Stewart, RN
Nursing Recruiter
(302) 255-2831