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Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control

The mission of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is to protect and manage the state's vital natural resources, protect public health and safety, provide quality outdoor recreation and to serve and educate the citizens of the First State about the wise use, conservation and enhancement of Delaware's environment.

  • Liberal Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual

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  • Health, Dental and Life Insurance Plans

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  • Family Friendly Work Environment

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  • Pension Plan and Deferred Compensation

  • Career Development

  • Telecommuting (for eligible positions)

The Office of the Secretary oversees the development and implementation of state environmental, natural resource and recreational policies and programs, promotes employee productivity through technology and training, manages the department's financial and human resources, promotes quality and continuous improvement of programs, assists other agencies in the promotion of environmentally sound economic development and coordinates policy among the department's divisions. Staff within the Office of The Secretary:

  • Assist the divisions in meeting their human resources, financial, legislative, policy and other needs promptly and accurately.
  • Assess the department's workforce diversity and develop training and personal development programs.
  • Develop and distribute communication products that heighten awareness of environmental issues in communities and suggest opportunities to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Sponsor and participate in special events designed to raise the public's environmental awareness, such as the State Fair, Coast Day, Earth Day, Coastal Cleanup and Christina River Cleanup.
  • Work with community organizations, homeowner associations and other groups to help them participate in DNREC's programs and address their environmental concerns.

The Office of the Secretary is primarily located at the Richardson & Robbins Building and the Weyandt Building in Historic Dover, Delaware. However, there are other locations in Sussex County. Please visit the Delaware Employment Link (DEL) to apply for DNREC jobs. DNREC is a great place to work!

This Division is responsible for strategic energy and climate change policy and sustainable planning to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and economy of the State. The Division seeks to accelerate Delaware's transition to a clean energy economy and ensure that Delawareans have access to cost-effective and reliable energy by increasing energy efficiency and conservation, increasing the use of cleaner fossil fuels and renewable sources of energy, and modernizing Delaware's transmission and distribution infrastructure. The Division takes an interdisciplinary approach to prepare Delaware for the changing climate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from key economic sectors by providing technical assistance, policy analysis, and project implementation.

This Division conserves and manages the fish and wildlife resources of the state, including restoration of habitats; conducts biological surveys and studies of living resources; provides safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities to the citizens of Delaware and its visitors; manages approximately 60,000 acres including ponds, wildlife areas, water access and other facilities for public use and enjoyment; controls mosquitoes to minimize nuisance and protect against mosquito-transmitted diseases; enforces fish and wildlife conservation and boating safety laws; provides fishing, hunting and boat licensing services; and improves the public's understanding and interest in fish and wildlife resources through information and outreach programs.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife has offices in all three counties of Delaware. If you are interested in working in the great outdoors or in our Central Office, please apply for our positions!

This Division protects and maintains 16 state parks and related preserves and greenways totaling more than 25,000 acres. The Division administers the state's land protection programs, as well as the Greenways program. Parks and Recreation provides safe and enjoyable recreation on its two public golf courses, guarded beaches, full-service marina, campgrounds, trails and freshwater ponds. Programs such as summer camps and Adventure Races promote healthy lifestyles, while Living History programming and Summer Concerts provide educational and cultural opportunities. The Division manages several unique venues for weddings, meetings and special events. Through public and private partnerships, the Division seeks to ensure that the natural, historical and cultural resources entrusted to it are maintained for Delaware's residents, visitors and future generations.

Parks & Recreation offers many exciting employment opportunities in our central office in Dover, Delaware but also in Delaware State Parks throughout the state. If you are interested in full-time employment in an awe inspiring setting, please apply for our job postings! If you are interested in seasonal summer employment, please go to the Park you are interested in. You can apply right there.

This Division manages and protects the state's soil, water and coastlines with a comprehensive array of watershed programs to ensure proper stewardship of Delaware's natural resources. These programs protect and maintain the state's shoreline and navigable waterways; regulate changes to coastal and urban lands; develop and implement innovative watershed assessment, monitoring and implementation activities; promote wise land use and water management practices, while maintaining a strong local agricultural interest, protecting urban communities and providing for public safety.

The Division of Watershed Stewardship is located in Dover, Delaware and also has offices in Sussex County. We would love to interview you for a position with DNREC – please apply for our postings!

This Division is responsible for protecting the public from harmful effects of air pollution in the outdoor air. The Division continuously monitors air quality, issues daily air quality forecasts and monitors emissions from air pollution sources in the state and oversees emission testing for vehicles. The Division of Air Quality regulates emissions of air contaminants through implementing a construction and operating permitting program for industrial facilities and by establishing standards for other sources such as paints and consumer products. The Division also regulates activities such as open burning and asbestos abatement.

If you have a desire to protect the residents of the State of Delaware as well as the environment, please apply for our postings. We have offices in Dover at the Blue Hen Corporate Center and in New Castle on Grantham Lane.

This division oversees the handling, transferring and storing of solid and hazardous waste by regulating, monitoring, inspecting and enforcing Delaware's environmental laws and regulations. The Division works to prevent releases of hazardous substances to the environment while also working to ensure that all response agencies in the State receive the training and information they need to respond to releases and environmental emergencies. The Division also manages the Boiler Safety Program, underground and above ground storage tank sites and administers programs to remediate sites contaminated by hazardous substances.

If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career, please apply for our postings. We would love to meet with you! Our offices are in Dover and Wilmington.

This division monitors, manages and protects Delaware's ground and surface waters, tidal wetlands and underwater lands; serves as a link to the Delaware Estuary Program, Inland Bays Estuary programs and the Delaware River Basin Commission; provides centralized geographic information system services; and coordinates citizen volunteer monitoring programs. The Division manages the state's water resources through various regulatory programs; provides technical assistance, laboratory services, and educational services; performs applied research; and administers loans to municipalities and communities for water pollution control projects.

The Division of Water has locations in Kent and Sussex Counties. If you are interested in working in the area of Water Resources and maintaining a high standard of public service, please apply for our postings.

Please visit the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control website for more information.