Agency Contact Phone
Community Mental Health Applicant Services 255-9100
Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill Harriet Durant 223-1306
Developmental Disabilities Community Services Sharon Bertin 836-2168
Governor Bacon Health Center Theresa English 836-2550
Health Facilities Licensing and Certification Roseann Sapp 283-7220
Long Term Care Residents Protection - Wilmington

Long Term Care Residents Protection - Milford
Jeanmarie McKinney

Kimberly Reed

Medicaid and Medical Assistance Denise Robinson 856-5379, ext. 153
Public Health Nursing Rebecca King 744-4712
Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities Carolyn Mullen 424-7377
Stockley Center Kelly Ellingsworth
Nursing Recruiter
Kai-Stefan Fountain
Residential and CNA Recruiter
Veterans Home Silvia Leake 424-6000